Care Instructions

Throughout history, silk has been synonymous with luxury, combining elegance and refinement with comfort at the highest level. If handled with care, your von Yhlen silk robe will last you a lifetime.


Steam your silk – do not wash it. Silk is a breathable material that does not have to be washed as often as other textiles. By steaming, you eliminate 99 percent of bacteria while not affecting the material’s natural luster.

You can steam easily and efficiently using a simple hand steamer, that is also practical to bring with you when traveling and to use instead of an iron. For recommendations on good steamers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dry Clean

In order to safely remove stains from your von Yhlen silk robe we strongly recommend you have it professionally dry cleaned. Make sure your dry cleaner knows your silk robe is made from genuine silk.

Iron Carefully

The best way to smooth out fold marks and creases on your robe is to steam it. You can also iron it carefully, using the lowest setting with the iron’s steam function activated. We recommend you put a thin cotton cloth between the silk and the iron.