Care Instructions

All von Yhlen cotton PJ’s are made from Giza 87, the world’s finest long staple cotton, hand-picked in the fertile region of the Nile Delta in Egypt, and then spun into lustrous fabric at the world renowned Thomas Mason weavery.


Egyptian Cotton in general, and Giza 87 in particular, only improves in quality after being washed. You will find it becomes even shinier and softer after numerous washes. Wash it in washing machine or by hand, with a neutral softener and water no warmer than 40 degrees Celsius. Do not tumble dry.


To bring out the natural luster of your Giza 87 fabric, we recommend that you iron it carefully after every wash, with the iron’s steam function activated. Treat your new PJ’s the same way you would a finely tailored cotton shirt, and it will be your faithful companion for decades.