Frequently asked questions


Where are your silk robes manufactured?

All our silk robes are handcrafted in an atelier in Northern Italy. It is run by a small group of Italian master artisans that have been perfecting the craft of luxury homewear making for the last four decades.

What kind of materials do you use?

All our silk robes are made from 100 percent Italian silk, woven in Como, a town that is widely recognized for manufacturing the world’s finest silk. The lapels and cuffs on our Spitsbergen dressing gown are made from 100 percent Italian cotton velvet.

Is your production sustainable?

Yes. First of all – when purchasing clothes, the most sustainable thing you can do is apply a long term mindset when choosing what to invest in. We only create garments of the highest quality, designed to last for generations. In addition to that, our whole production chain is in Italy and Sweden, where we produce all products and all product packaging. Always using environmentally sensible methods, always paying fair wages to people who love their craft.

In what packaging will my silk robe be delivered?

All our silk robes are delivered in our signature orange gift box, adorned with original von Yhlen art work.

Sizes, fit and care

How do I choose the right size?

To be completely sure about what size to get, please refer to our size guide for exact measurements of our dressing gowns. You can compare the different circumferences with one of your current garments, for example a robe or a blazer. That being said, the construction and fit of a von Yhlen silk robe is very forgiving, and most people find that they can comfortably wear to different sizes.

Are your silk robes unisex?

Yes, all our silk robes are designed to be just as suitable for women as for men. The sizes listed in our online store are standard European men’s sizes, and they are easily translated into women’s sizes by going down one size. The Small size that is listed in the shop, for example, translates into a women’s Medium. You will find a complete translation chart in our Size guide. Due to popular demand, we will shortly (early spring of 2022) introduce an Extra small size on all robes, designed specifically to be suitable for women.

When choosing your size, please note that our sizes Small and Extra small sizes have considerably shorter sleeves than our other sizes.

How do I wash my silk robe?

You will find complete care instructions for your silk robe here.

Shipping and returns

From where do you ship?

We ship from Sweden.

What is the delivery time?

You find a complete breakdown of our estimated shipping times here.

What are the shipping costs?

We are proud to provide free international delivery.

How do I make a return?

In order to make a return, contact us at and our staff will assist you. Returns are free of charge within Sweden. Read our complete returns policy here.